17 juin 2007

Eeguab's Frisco Bay Blues

This is my song folks!

Call it "Frisco Bay Blues"

Got it on my mind for a long while

Let me take you and walk on miles

No papers,no names,ain't no use

Just hear about my days of rock.

Nineteen were my summers

When I was the king of the hill

Let's Go to San Francisco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqztnc1L7eE

Mama Cass dancing in the streets

Lovin'Spoonful riot city's hit

Then my life would fulfill

With Golden Gate slumbers

San Francisco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKeXkhxiq6I

But needles on the beach

Had to be heartbreakers

And paradise lost on motorways

Anthems for the sun did'nt more amaze   

Road became greasy to bikers

And friends beyond the reach


As I get by all along my existence

Dreamy romance never slid out of my soul

Rust shall never be mine

And coloured corduroy gold mine

Still bouncing joyful

Another life would'nt make no sense.

        J'ai retrouvé par hasard ce texte admirable mais j'ignore quel groupe fabuleux a pu l'enregistrer.Une pure merveille n'est-ce pas?J'en ignore aussi la musique.

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